Jennifur (he/him) is a producer/DJ living in Ghent, Belgium. In 2018 he co-founds the HS71 audiovisual collective & label to self-release his music. In spring 2020 Jennifur finds himself in creative isolation due to the first lockdown. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Belgium, an international team takes shape to collaborate on Shredders, an ambitious snowboarding game supported by Xbox. They insist on having an original soundtrack composed to enhance the vibe of the game. They see this as a unique opportunity for an emerging artist, and turn to Jennifur. The album 'Nowhere, Now Here (music made for the game Shredders)' is the third project under his artist name Jennifur, in which he aims to bring electronic music that helps him navigate throughout his personal experiences and the emotion that comes with it. Listeners are transferred to a mental state where freedom reigns past themes such as friendship and the melancholia inherent to fading or reconstructing memories. Seamlessly transitioning between mellow electronics and ambient towards somewhat heavier IDM. jennifur's live band is formed by Thibault Goudket on the drums, Michiel Ardaen on the guitar and jennifur on the bass synth.




20/07/2022 - Boomtown Gent

14/10/2022 - unwrap festival Kortrijk

29/10/2022 - Broei Gent

31/03/2023 - Listen Festival Brussel




Radio 1"Jennifur maakte sublieme muziek bij de snowboardgame Shredders"

What Happens "Wij zijn alvast enorme fan: Nowhere, Now Here is een veelzijdig, uniek album waarvan je onmiddellijk merkt dat er veel emotie achter zit"

Knack Focus **** "De single New Here & Feeling at Home van producer Jennifur is tegelijk een melancholische dancetrack, een filosofische terugblik op de waarde van herinneringen en de soundtrack van de nieuwe Belgische snowboardgame Shredders."